​​​​​​Museums in arabia

Museums in Arabia 2019 is hosted and supported by the King’s College London, United Kingdom. It will take place between the 26-28th of June 2019 at Bush House, a Grade II listed building in central London and former home of the BBC World Service.

The series encourages cross-disciplinary exchange and engagement. Museums in Arabia attracts scholars from a wide variety of geographic locations and research specialisations, providing opportunities to foster multidisciplinary dialogue. We therefore encourage academics and practitioners from any relevant discipline to submit proposals.

We expect to draw high-quality contributions that can lead to new publications in the field. The 2014 Museums in Arabia conference led to the publication of the edited volume Museums in Arabia: Transnational Practices and Regional Processes. Further publications are being prepared including the edited volume Museums of the Arabian Peninsula: Historical Developments and Contemporary Discourses (Under Contract, Wakefield, Routledge). 

To register as a conference participant email: conference@museumsinarabia.com

Conference Registration Fees: £100 / Student/Independent Scholars/Retired Price £30 

**All participants are responsible for covering the costs of their own conference fee, travel, visa and accommodation**