​​​​​​Museums in arabia

Museums in Arabia 2019 will take place at Bush House, King’s College London, 26-28th of June. The conference seeks to explore how different cultural, political, social and economic actors shape cultural practices within museums, arts and cultural heritage institutions within the rapidly developing and complex landscape of the Arabian Peninsula. It aims to shift the focus of academic debate towards grounded arts and cultural practices and their unique operations. The papers explore the regional and international actors and agents who are actively involved in producing (and challenging) cultural formations and systems of knowledge production in (and on) the Gulf.

The Museums in Arabia conference series offers a platform where researchers, museum and arts professionals, and 
policy makers - from a wide variety of geographic locations and professional and research specialisations - can share knowledge and advance multidisciplinary, critical debate around museum and heritage theory and practice, in and on the Arabian Peninsula.
Registration closes: 19 June 2019

Conference Registration Fees:

Individual Fee: £100

Student Fee: £30 

**All participants are responsible for covering the costs of their own conference fee, travel, visa and accommodation**